Thursday, July 22, 2010

It awaits

Walking across the dark parking lot she is seen wearing stilettos of black patent leather, a fashionable blue-jean skirt, and a western style shirt. The woman appears to be in her early twenties, light brown hair and looks that kill. She walks walks with a sway drifting back and forth from a night drinking, dancing, and partying the night away. Not far away it watches, the wind blows and it picks up her scent; a mix of perfume sweat and booze. The heart beats in the chest of the beast an ever quickening rhythm as the possibilities occur within it's mind of the very near future. Saliva increases at the beasts thoughts, to the point it flows past the razor sharp teeth of the streamlined beast. It's dark fur is the color black of the deepest darkest cavern, one that's never seen the natural light of day, or the artificial light of man. The beast creeps across the lot in the direction of it's prey. It keeps along as silent as a ninja and just as stealthy. She walks along unknowingly stalked by the beast only a few feet away, she can feel the glowing eyes burning into her like hot coals into her flesh. She brushes it off as her mind wonders between the events of the night and plans for the next day, she's only partially lucid from the long night of dancing and the drinking. Just as the beast begins to make it's move.........

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