Monday, December 20, 2010

What is Super 8

So far we know that it will take place in 1979 and it will be a hommage/tribute to Spielberg's '70s and '80s science fiction films with a mystery and supernatural feel from Abrams. It is rumored to be an alien invasion film, an homage to War of the Worlds.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Official Trailer

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It awaits

Walking across the dark parking lot she is seen wearing stilettos of black patent leather, a fashionable blue-jean skirt, and a western style shirt. The woman appears to be in her early twenties, light brown hair and looks that kill. She walks walks with a sway drifting back and forth from a night drinking, dancing, and partying the night away. Not far away it watches, the wind blows and it picks up her scent; a mix of perfume sweat and booze. The heart beats in the chest of the beast an ever quickening rhythm as the possibilities occur within it's mind of the very near future. Saliva increases at the beasts thoughts, to the point it flows past the razor sharp teeth of the streamlined beast. It's dark fur is the color black of the deepest darkest cavern, one that's never seen the natural light of day, or the artificial light of man. The beast creeps across the lot in the direction of it's prey. It keeps along as silent as a ninja and just as stealthy. She walks along unknowingly stalked by the beast only a few feet away, she can feel the glowing eyes burning into her like hot coals into her flesh. She brushes it off as her mind wonders between the events of the night and plans for the next day, she's only partially lucid from the long night of dancing and the drinking. Just as the beast begins to make it's move.........

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The ups and downs up the Ipad

The 20 biggest complaints about the iPad1. Upscaling makes old iPhone/iPod Touch apps ugly."Here's the problem: It looks terrible… What we're left with is a feature [to use old apps] that I — and I suspect most people — will use one or twice, and never revisit again." - John Hermann, Gizmodo

2. No GPS for the Wi-Fi iPad"Never have I seen such a fast, intuitive piece of technology for geographical navigation… For that reason alone, to me the lack of GPS in the Wi-Fi iPad is a dealbreaker." - Brian Chen, Wired

3. Apple's oleophobic coating doesn't get rid of distracting fingerprints"Apple has removed screen protectors from their stores. Apparently they interfere with the new oleophobic covering. But it is clear (pun intended) to me that I will need a screen protector. This thing has my fingerprints all over it!" - Todd Bernhard, iPhone Life

4. The screen is unreadable in direct sunlight"Unfortunately, the touch screen is so highly reflective that it kicks up a vicious glare in a well-lit room, and practically doubles as a mirror in full sunlight." - Robert Strohmeyer, PCWorld

5. The iPad's missing USB port and SD card slot come as separate $30 adapters"Some will decry the absence of a USB port or other connectors, which might let you hook up a printer or bolster storage. Everything comes through the standard iPod-like dock connector on the bottom of the iPad." - Ed Baig, USA Today

6. The virtual keyboard still doesn't beat a physical one"The on-screen QWERTY keyboard is more finger-sized than iPhone… but I didn't find myself using the device for lots of text input (email, blog post composing) without the aid of the keyboard dock — pretty much exactly like the standard Mac keyboard." Xeni Jardin, Boing Boing

7. YouTube looks ugly on the big screen"On the iPad, YouTube looks like, well, YouTube. Just as HD television doesn't do good things for bad skin, the iPad's glorious screen merely serves to make low-resolution YouTube video content look worse than it does on the iPhone or other smaller screens." - Tim Gideon, PC Magazine

8. Even at 1.5 pounds, the iPad feels heavy to hold"My first reaction when picking up the gorgeous device was how heavy it was. Apple lists the device at over a pound, which doesn't sound like a lot. But when picking an iPad up, the weight is more than one would expect." - Matt Brewer, Mac Fanatic

9. Charging the iPad via USB on a PC has been shaky at best"Here's where the iPad did not charge: Front and rear USB ports on a variety of Windows computers; USB port on an Apple wired keyboard attached to an iMac." Jeff Fox, Consumer Reports

10. The headphone jack up top is awkward"…it would've been better on the bottom so that pesky cable would stay out of the way. But then maybe Apple was thinking you'd be using it in horizontal mode when you need the headphones." - Charlie White, DVICE

11. The Home button gets in the way while holding the iPad horizontally"Held horizontally, it's on the left or right side, which also happens to be where your fingers are while playing many games. Hitting it closes the game you are playing, causing you to shout obscenities while neighbor children are playing outside your open window." - Mike Fahey, Kotaku

12. Some Apps have been found to be unstable"After a few hours of playing with the device, Westerhold encountered some minor glitches. His Wikipedia app crashed, and the Netflix app was a little slow." - Henrick Karoliszyn and Larry McShane,NY Daily News

13. The battery is not replaceable"As on all Apple portable devices, the battery is sealed in and nonreplaceable." - Walt Mossberg,AllThingsD

14. The iBookstore only works with the iPad"There's an e-book reader app, but it's not going to rescue the newspaper and book industries (sorry, media pundits)… And you can't read books from the Apple bookstore on any other machine — not even a Mac or iPhone." - David Pogue, The New York Times

15. The iPad's App Store layout feels unwieldy compared to its predecessors"The new App Store is a step backwards from the iPhone version, unless I'm missing something. There's no good way to browse all the apps in the store anymore… There's a heavy focus on popularity and featured apps, without an easy way to drill down on the store." - Will Smith, Tested

16. Built-in Mail falls short compared to fully featured computer email"…we love the split screen displays and real estate for composing, but still feel like we're floating out in the ether when managing our email. It works, it's fast, it's consistent... it's just not what it could be." - Joshua Topolsky, Engadget

17. The iPad lacks a proper filing system"…the iPad offers no conventional system of files and folders for storing work… The iPad was able to quickly and gracefully open my emailed PDFs but offered no way to save the files to the iPad for future access. Consequently, to read one PDF over several days, I had to repeatedly search for an archived email, re-download the PDF and then open it as if for the first time." Omar Wasow, The Root

18. The HD apps are expensive"Twice the pixels for twice the price? Come on, guys. This isn't science of the rockets. Why do I need to pay $4 for an HD version of Fieldrunners? Gold rush much?" - John Biggs, CrunchGear

19. Pages, Apple's $10 iPad word processor, doesn't work well with professional standards"…only the word processor exports to Microsoft's formats, and not always accurately. In one case, the exported Word file had misaligned text. When I then tried exporting the document as a PDF file, it was unreadable." - Walt Mossberg, AllThingsD

20. The iPad is for consuming, not creating"…the iPad is not a laptop. It's not nearly as good for creating stuff. On the other hand, it's infinitely more convenient for consuming it -- books, music, video, photos, Web, e-mail and so on." - David Pogue,The New York Times

5 awesome iPad features no one saw coming1. The battery lasts longer than expectedApple's official battery life estimate for the iPad clocks in at 10 hours, though many reviewers are finding that even when actively browsing the web via the Wi-Fi, keeping the brightness for the screen high and watching movies, it will keep going and going. AllThingsD's Walt Mossberg managed to squeeze over 11 hours out of the device's battery: "The iPad lasted 11 hours and 28 minutes, about 15% more than Apple claimed. I was able to watch four feature-length movies, four TV episodes and a video of a 90-minute corporate presentation, before the battery died midway through an episode of 'The Closer.'"

He wasn't alone, either. David Pogue writing for The New York Times had similar results: "Speaking of video: Apple asserts that the iPad runs 10 hours on a charge of its nonremovable battery — but we all know you can't trust the manufacturer. And sure enough, in my own test, the iPad played movies continuously from 7:30 a.m. to 7:53 p.m. — more than 12 hours. That's four times as long as a typical laptop or portable DVD player."

2. The built-in, sorta-stereo speaker works surprisingly wellSpeakers — and ones that work — probably aren't the first thing on your mind when you think about the iPad, but it has them. The two speaker grills aren't far enough apart that you'll be able to discern between the two different channels, but it does mean that the iPad plays through more than one channel, rather than trying to cram it down through mono and distort the sound.

"The built-in speaker surprised me--not with its excellent quality, but with its ability to get fairly loud and not sound horrifyingly awful," wrote PC Mag's Tim Gideon, though after trying Knife's "Silent Shout," he added, "The song's deep bass was too much for the built-in speaker, which distorted a bit at times, but through a good pair of headphones, I heard no horrible defects."

3. Wide viewing angle for movies and videoThis is something I was personally wondering about. Sure, you could watch a movie in your lap, but why sit the iPad up in its stand? It's 9.7 inch display is no big-screen TV, but it's more than decent for a casual viewing experience. Well, turns out you could share said experience with some friends pretty easily.

"The fingerprint-resistant screen has an exceptionally wide viewing sweet spot for a movie and is terrific for showing off most of a Web page," Ed Baig wrote in his review for USA Today. That means you could be flanked by your friends and they should be able to enjoy the same quality you do when watching a movie — though the iPad probably won't be taking over any living rooms.

4. The iPad doesn't run hotApple has a reputation for burning laps. The newest generation of the company's laptops fare a little better, but let me tell you: my 3-year-old MacBook Pro can be downright scalding at times. That's why it's nice to know that the iPad won't melt any fingers.

"It's great in the lap," writes Tested's Will Smith. I love that the iPad doesn't get hot, even after hours of use. I love that I'm writing on the iPad right now, and I've been using it since 4PM nonstop, and I'm only down to 54% battery life."

5. Comic books look amazingEveryone always touted the iPad's ability to represent magazines and newspapers faithfully, in color and in a more complex format than an e-reader can. There's one more class of printed periodical the iPad is perfect for: the comic book. Marvel has a free app for the device that'll let you buy comic classics, as well as newer titles.

Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin took it for a spin, offering up some early impressions: "I like it. Scrolling is intuitive, brisk, and elegant. I'm amazed at how smooth. The store interface makes sense to anyone familiar with iTunes and App store. Flipping and reading, one luminous full-color page at a time, I do not miss paper."

There did appear to be one drawback to reading comics on the iPad, however: "Unless I'm missing something, no way to view two pages at a time, as you might with a paper comic."

Bonus: 6. The iPad makes an amazing calculatorAs tweeted by Conan O'Brien: "Just got the new iPad. This amazing device has already revolutionized the way I use a calculator."