Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Day Today

Today my plans were to meet friends.. go down the river... look at truck.. and maybe go to the movies if I had time....

This is how the day turned out...

As most people know I work late at work... So I usually sleep in.. I set my alarm to go off early... I wound up sleeping through the alarm.... When I woke up I was like hmm do I have time to make it to the park... I said to myself maybe... So I got dressed and got to the park... a few min late.... but I couldn't get in because I didn't have cash... ahh my luck...

So I checked out the truck, it was alright... I don't really know what I think... nothing is wrong with my Xterra... I just want something with better gas mileage and eiather a truck or a sporty car... oh and not too expensive..hehe

On my way home I was tired as hell due to not much sleep and almost feel asleep on the way... So when I got home I passed out and didnt wake back up until 3pm...

I went back to town at 7:30 and wound up seeing the 9:30 showing of Wanted... kick ass movie but i missed a few min of it...

Overall good day... just didnt work out as planned...

I was about a half thought into driving to Jacksonville FL... good thing I didn't... I would have fallen asleep driving


Thursday I had a couple interesting things happen... My mother met a girl that she felt that I would like and got her number for me... first time that's ever happened... I tried calling her earlier today but I didn't get an answer...

Later that same day (thursday) while I was at the mall I was in radioshack and a girl came in and asked if they were hiring.. I really liked her voice so I checked her out.... she was very cute and my type... but I did what I normally do which is nothing... and she went on her way... a little while later I was in Spencers and she was between Spencers and WaldenBooks speaking to a group of people... as I was walking to the book store she stopped me and said something that I didn't expect... That she kept looking at me and she felt that she knew me... I was kinda taken back... I am usually the one that says this to people... but before we could really speak she went back to her job hunting... I saw her one more time right before she left the mall... I guess I blew my chances..... Maybe I will luck up again.... I was rather attracted to this girl and would like to get to know her...

Mobile Phone

So today I updated my phone to Windows Mobile 6.1... I have noticed a very positive difference with my phone. If you have a phone that will support the update I suggest doing it asap!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So damn tired

I don't know how I get so tired.... I work in a call center... I do have to walk around quite a bit... but that shouldn't account for how tired I stay...

Last night I didn't get home from work untill 3am... hopefully tonight I will get some good rest

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wondering why I woke up so damn early this morning :( It's going to be a long day

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nine Inch Nails Offers Free Tour EP Download

Trent Reznor offers another free download: A 'Tour Sampler' featuring songs from bands performing on the upcoming Nine Inch Nails tour. Included are tracks from A Place To Bury Strangers, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Crystal Castles, Deerhunter, and Nine Inch Nails. Once again, 100% free, high quality MP3s, DRM-free.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jackie Greene - Honey I Been Thinking About You

Honey, I been thinking about you

Well I aint interested in the clothes that you wear
in the car that you drive or the cut of your hair
honey, you got something that i can't compare
and i've been thinking about you

And I don't really care about the weather outside
and i don't want to talk about national pride
all that I need for to be satisfied is a
woman who's nothing like me

love is for fools, yes a fool such as i
and i can't tell you how and i can't tell you why
ah but honey I just can't deny you at all

Oh and I don't want to be your two-weekend lover
your boy-in-the-bag, your one-or-the-other
and I ain't looking for a wife or a mother
but honey i've been thinking about you

well maybe you're wrong and maybe you're right
and maybe we could sit here and argue all night
but maybe you just better turn out the lights
cause honey i've been thinking about you

honey i've been thinking about you for a while
and it's driving me mad, yes it's cramping my style
and i aint asking you to walk down the aisle, but I...

Suitcase to staircase, to candelit room
where i sift throught the silk in the air and perfume
and i'll be loving you baby, i'll be loving you soon
cause honey i've been thinking about you

now i don't really care about your hot-blooded sister
i'm sure theres a man for to love her and miss her
i didn't mean nothing, i just happened to kiss her
but honey i was thinking about you

I don't really care about your daddy's corvette
your house in the hills or your pink private jet
or that ring on your finger you say you regret
cause honey, i've been thinking about you

rat race to car chase to trains in the station
everyone wants to change their location
everyone wants some new inspiration
but i can't stop thinking about you

Indiana Jones 4

I went and saw Indiana Jones 4 today, I really enjoyed it!

If you haven't seen it yet.. I suggest going to see it asap!