Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Tuesday Tale - Dexter, by Jarod

This is my entry into a contest for writing a day in the life of Dexter... I know that I am not the best writer but I gave it a shot

A Tuesday Tale

Opening my eyes I see the the bed sheet that lays upon my bed in my loft on the dock. I wake up and go through my usual routine of making breakfast and getting dressed. But this is not a usual day for me. It has been 3 weeks since my last kill and with Doaks keeping his eyes on my almost 24 hours of the day it's been difficult to do the necessary digging on my new victim.
I have 2 hours to go to work, so I review all of the facts that I have so far on Josh Stone. He is a 37 years old 5' 7" tall Hispanic male from Columbia that speaks with an accent and is usually known for wearing white suits. I have been tracking him for about 8 days now whenever I get a chance. He has a short record here in the states, rape and battery mostly but was once almost convicted of murdering a 17 year old girl named Chasity. Due to his Columbian connections he was able to get out of the charge on a legal loophole. I have several photos and a few recordings of him breaking the law and I almost have enough evidence to allow the dark passenger out.
Well it's time to go to work as I am walking to my car I see Sargent Doaks waiting for me outside with his usual pissed off look staring me down knowing that I am up to something but cannot prove it. I wave at him and take the drive to work, a "short" ride for a Miami morning, a nice day most people would say... I don't know why though it's just another day.
I stop and get some dough nuts and and coffee for my fellow co-workers, it helps me blend in and see more human, at least on the outside. I get to work and visit the usual people and show some more human sides of myself.
Not long after I get in we get called out to the scene of a murder, after about a couple hours of taking samples and pictures and following the trails of blood and gore I quickly determine that this was not a murder but a guy going out in a way to be remembered. Though I cannot discuss my views on the subject so I take my notes and pictures back to the office to load into the computer and write my report.
Back at the office I do some more research on Josh, or Julio Izquierdo as he was known in Columbia. It seems that he was a busy boy in Columbia he was suspected of 22 murders and 52 rapes, though each time someone got close to him they were suddenly found dead. I quickly have to lose the file each time someone approaches and bring up my file from the case earlier today. Doaks has been in here five times already.
Well it's time to go, since I cannot go pay a visit to Josh, I take a trip across town to visit my girlfriend Rita and her two kids. Doaks follows me all the way there and waits outside while I play with the kids. Later that night I have what most humans would call pleasurable and romantic night with Rita, but to me it's almost horrifying. I kiss Rita goodnight and leave to find that Doaks has left.
I decide to do a little recon on Josh and find that nothing interesting is going on this night at his place. Lucky for me he lives close to burger joint because, Doaks never really left and followed me here. I grab a couple burgers and a soda and walk over to Doaks we have a short conversation about how he is going to catch me and I act like nothing is going on.
I drive back to my loft and grab my samples of blood I keep hidden away to relive a few my my kills it's not the same but it keeps the dark passenger from coming out when he is not needed. I follow my nightly routine of a shower and a little exercise before going to bed.
My last thought of the night is of the release it will be to torture and kill Joey from all of the evil deeds he has done.
And then I turn the lights out.

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