Monday, September 3, 2007

I should totally post more links up, if you haven't noticed I constantly update my website with either posts or new links.... i have several mp3 blogs posted... lately i have been downloading about 2000 mp3s each week and deleting about 1998 each week hehe :) i guess you get the good with the bad but it's all good :D

I have gotten a ton of hits from Chris's website,, Thanx for linking back to me on that post dude! If anyone else has a website ya want linked let me know :D

Since I have a digital camcorder I plan on posting more video of my own though I will continue to post those crazy ass videos you all have come to love and enjoy that I find through my journeys through the INTERNET

Oh yeah if anyone knows of any good PODCASTS or VIDEOCASTS please let me know.... i am totally getting into that right now... here lately their hasn't been crap on tv so that's what I have been into... croncast rox

Or maybe I should start watching JOOST... I did download it to use it...

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