Friday, September 21, 2007

The Bastard Fairies - A Venomous Tale

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am a WINNER well sorta

Before The Bourne Ultimatum came out Google had a contest to win all kinds of cool shit... so being how I am I signed up and did all the puzzles and stuff but I didnt end up being a big prize winner....

So a few weeks ago I was shopping and bought the 2nd Bourne movie (I already own the 1st one)

Today I got a package.... I won a set of the 1st 2 movies and a bonus disc... so I may sell my other DVDs on ebay... why not I need the $$$

Sarah and I

This is a pic of us before Sarah left.... I will really miss her

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mario Interview

Today is the start of a long 3 months

Today, Monday, Sarah left for PA..... I got to see her before she left she was dressed in the jeans and shirt i bought her as a gift a few weeks ago (she looked amazing), and today I gave her a gift to remind her of me... I bought her a necklace and earrings.. it was silver w/ some type of blue stone... it was pretty and she said she loved it... it made me feel good.... though it was tough to keep my composure while i was with her it's difficult for me to have someone that means so much leaving me for such long time.... it's been difficult thinking about it... now I have to live it.... I will have a difficult time... I thought she was going to call me when she got to atlanta but i guess she forgot or was too tired to.... it is a long way to go, though only a small part of the way to PA... anyways i have been really worried about her.... it's been a very stressful day for me...

Monday, September 3, 2007

My Birthday

Hey my birthday is coming up on September 26th so I am totally expecting a ton of gifts if ya want to send me something let me know.

I really don't expect anything but hey ya cannot blame me for asking :) hehe

I will be 27 and my hair is getting more and more grey by the day :D

I should totally post more links up, if you haven't noticed I constantly update my website with either posts or new links.... i have several mp3 blogs posted... lately i have been downloading about 2000 mp3s each week and deleting about 1998 each week hehe :) i guess you get the good with the bad but it's all good :D

I have gotten a ton of hits from Chris's website,, Thanx for linking back to me on that post dude! If anyone else has a website ya want linked let me know :D

Since I have a digital camcorder I plan on posting more video of my own though I will continue to post those crazy ass videos you all have come to love and enjoy that I find through my journeys through the INTERNET

Oh yeah if anyone knows of any good PODCASTS or VIDEOCASTS please let me know.... i am totally getting into that right now... here lately their hasn't been crap on tv so that's what I have been into... croncast rox

Or maybe I should start watching JOOST... I did download it to use it...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Which pair of shoes should I buy?

I usually buy black shoes... but i am considering the other two shoes also.... which ones do you like the best?