Friday, July 6, 2007

Yesterday / Transformers

Wow yesterday was different.... or not really... depends on how ya look at it....

I woke up... watched half of a stupid movie then deleted it... got dressed and went to town.... I had to go get my car serviced for the 2nd time this week (my battery died tuesday I just happened to be at Tommy Griner's asking about how long it would take to get an oil change) so I got my oil changed and my tires rotated.... that's $140 I spent on my car this week!!!

So next I went to collect my prize from Sunny Honda (NEVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM THEM) a vacation ya have to pay to go on... what kind of prize do ya have to pay for???? They should have said you have won a DISCOUNT..

So then I went to the mall and visited my friend Tracy and debated about buying a pair of shoes (first pair of nike I've liked in years, nike dunk low if ya want to know) then went to Hot Topic and Spencer's to buy a new chain for my wallet (It broke at the mall) I couldn't find one I liked so i grabbed my backup chain out of my SUV. While I was at the mall I had some chicken n dumplings from McAlister's which about made me sick from having too much food.

I then made it to the theater and went and saw Transformers... IT WAS AMAZING.... I have to say I enjoyed it from the time I went in till the time I left... It was like a rollercoaster ride... If you haven't seen it yet... you are missing out.... I honestly couldn't think of anything that I didn't like about the movie.