Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jacksonville And I

From Jacksonville ...

From Jacksonville ...

Sarah and I went to Jacksonville Beach, Fl Sunday - Tuesday.... it took forever to get there due to the storms.... when we got to the beach it had calmed down and so we went out to the beach for a while and had a good time.... later that night some of her friends showed up (one was Russ the owner of Ink Addiction) so we went bar hopping and had a really good time(we went to Joe's Crab shack twice)... the next day we went to regency mall and picked up some stuff for my mom and had lunch... she went out to the ocean for a while i was too tired from not getting sleep the night before... so when i was ready they were all exhausted.... So we went to the room and watched a movie... we then went and had dinner from Harry's which turned out to be a bad idea cause she got sick..... so we went bowling and went back to the hotel... we spend some time talking things over.... and we decided to spend less time together so things will be easier between us :D

overall a kick ass trip :D

the downside is.... well over the past few weeks... my stress has been getting worse and worse... I have become very attracted and care a deal for Sarah and she is going to be moving sometime soon... it might be a couple weeks or a couple months (i am happy and hopeful this will be a good thing for her, but i will deeply miss her).... i let her see how many problems i have and it made her fear for my life.... i promised her that i would go to the doctor after i took her home....

my doctor didn't like the idea of getting me on the meds again... because last time i took it and when i felt i was fine i just stopped taking it (that can kill you i was stupid) due to me having another breakdown in his office he gave me lexapro and loranzepam and told me i have to go back in a week.... which i will do... what he really wanted me to do was spend some time in the hospital for he was fearing for my life also

What I need is more friends.... and things to do...... which may be difficult because i and different from most and i can be a difficult person to be around......but i am getting better

Friday, July 6, 2007

Yesterday / Transformers

Wow yesterday was different.... or not really... depends on how ya look at it....

I woke up... watched half of a stupid movie then deleted it... got dressed and went to town.... I had to go get my car serviced for the 2nd time this week (my battery died tuesday I just happened to be at Tommy Griner's asking about how long it would take to get an oil change) so I got my oil changed and my tires rotated.... that's $140 I spent on my car this week!!!

So next I went to collect my prize from Sunny Honda (NEVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM THEM) a vacation ya have to pay to go on... what kind of prize do ya have to pay for???? They should have said you have won a DISCOUNT..

So then I went to the mall and visited my friend Tracy and debated about buying a pair of shoes (first pair of nike I've liked in years, nike dunk low if ya want to know) then went to Hot Topic and Spencer's to buy a new chain for my wallet (It broke at the mall) I couldn't find one I liked so i grabbed my backup chain out of my SUV. While I was at the mall I had some chicken n dumplings from McAlister's which about made me sick from having too much food.

I then made it to the theater and went and saw Transformers... IT WAS AMAZING.... I have to say I enjoyed it from the time I went in till the time I left... It was like a rollercoaster ride... If you haven't seen it yet... you are missing out.... I honestly couldn't think of anything that I didn't like about the movie.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I hope that everyone is having a very happy 4th of July.... I'm sitting here working... well untill 10pm EST then I get off from work and then I dont know what I am going to do unless I go to the concert down the road

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