Sunday, April 22, 2007


Last night I went and saw GrindHouse, it was good... but not the best movie in the world.... still worth the money... how often do ya get to see a double feature these days...

Planet Terror was the better of the two movies... the main thing that bothered me about it was how in the hell does she shoot her leg gun???? Other than that I loved the movie.

Death Proof
was alright well the first half anyways, it was good and interesting.... but the second part was fucking stupid and Stuntman Mike was such a pussy in the second half, no to mention that the women in the second part were not very likable at all, I was really hoping he would kill them..... The first set of women though were cool, so it just made it interesting.

As far as the trailers go I really enjoyed most of them, though a couple were kinda dumb...

The cast in both of the films were kick ass...

So i would get Planet Terror a 4 out of 5, and Death Proof a 2 out of 5(I really hated the second half of the movie).

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